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The Original INFUSION™ Pillow

Provide patients with lasting comfort

We designed The Original Infusion™ Pillow to give ergonomical comfort to patients with prolonged infusions, such as Chemotherapy and Dialysis. Our Infusion™ Pillow is designed with the same care and quality as our line of post-operative pillows.

These patients often require long term infusions. As they sit for hours, patients can use the infusion pillow as a neck pillow, a lower back cushion or to support their infusion arm. The patent pending Infusion™ Pillow delivers the physical and emotional support that these patients need and deserve.

Infusion™ Pillow Patient Benefits:

  • Comfortable support for the infusion arm
  • Proper alignment for the head and neck
  • Supports the lower back and/or neck
  • Promotes rest and relaxation

Infusion™ Pillow Diagrams and Custom Imprints:

The Original Infusion™ Pillow can play an important part of your facility’s infusion support program. Brand the pillow with your logo and warning signs specific to your patients’ needs. It is an educational aid that also visually communicates your commitment to patient care. Stock Imprints are available for both the Chemotherapy and Dialysis infusion pillows. Every pillow includes a permanent marker for teaching purposes and autographing.

Shumsky Therapeutic Infusion Pillow

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