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The Lung Pillow™

Give your lung patients every reason to breathe easy

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The Shumsky® Lung Pillow™ is the perfect recovery aid for thoracostomy, emphysema, and respiratory patients. It encourages deep cleansing breaths in pulmonary rehab and COPD patients.  Place it across the incision area or under the arm, and see how it falls naturally and comfortably into place. Our Lung Pillows™ make every breath a little easier to take.

Lung Pillow Patient Benefits:

  • Soft, comfortable protection for the chest wall and incision area
  • Innovative under-the-arm configuration
  • Reduced pain and added comfort for coughing and deep breathing
  • Anatomical diagram for patient education

Lung Pillow Sizes:

  • LP Large
  • LP2 Small

Lung Pillow Diagram and Custom Imprints:  

Each Lung Pillow™ features your custom imprint on one side, and an anatomical bronchi diagram on the other. Every pillow includes a permanent marker for teaching and autographing.

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