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The Liver Pillow™

Support your organ transplant recipients and donors

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This unique liver-shaped pillow is the ideal therapeutic tool for liver transplant patients and living donors. The Liver Pillow™ is currently in use by facilities across the nation to deliver both emotional and physical support after this complicated surgery.

Liver Pillow™ Patient Benefits:

  • Relieves post-op discomfort
  • A comforting, soft touch during recovery
  • A chance to bond with caregivers during educational and therapy sessions
  • Transplant recipients and living donors can enjoy sharing autographs and words of support

Liver Pillow™ Sizes: 

  • LVP Large
  • LVP2 Small

Liver Pillow™ Diagrams and Custom Imprints:

Your facility’s custom imprint appears on each Liver Pillow™. You may choose to include our optional educational liver diagram on the reverse side. Every pillow includes a permanent marker for teaching purposes and autographing.

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