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The Kidney Pillow ™

Comfort and support your organ recipients and donors

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The Shumsky Kidney Pillow ™ has a distinctive kidney shape. It is ideal for aiding transplant recipients, living donors and dialysis patients with their recoveries. A Kidney Pillow ™ after surgery provides lasting emotional and physical relief that your patients can hold on to.

Kidney Pillow™
Patient Benefits:

  • It’s the perfect shape, size, and firmness for kidney and pancreas procedures
  • Delivers comfortable support for tender incision areas
  • Helps reduce physical pain during movement or dialysis treatment
  • Adds comfort during dialysis to support the neck or arm
  • Offers essential emotional support during stressful treatment and recovery periods

Kidney Pillow™ Available Sizes:

  • KP Large
  • KP2 Small

Kidney Pillow™ Diagrams and Custom Imprints:

Our medical pillows feature your facility’s custom imprint on one side. On the reserve side, you can imprint our optional kidney diagram for teaching and educational purposes. Each Kidney Pillow™ includes a permanent marker for teaching and autographing.

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