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Pillow Maker Kit

Volunteer groups enjoy a special project that can help heal patients.

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It’s “SEW” Easy. 

Volunteers enjoy giving, but they are busy people, too. We make giving easier with the Shumsky Pillow Maker Kit.

Choose any one of Shumsky’s pillow styles, we provide all the pieces.  You still receive the benefits of your custom printed logo or image and the fabric marker to autograph the pillow.

Volunteers sew and stuff the pillow with easy to follow instructions.

What’s included with your Shumsky® Pillow Maker Kit?

  • Two pieces of pre-cut fabric. We can print a saying or logo of your choice on both pieces. Typically, we print piece 2 with an anatomical diagram or a stock logo. The pre-cut pieces will be in the shape of your choice.
  • A permanent black marker
  • A pen loop to attach the marker
  • Shumsky label, which includes valuable instructions for the care of the pillow
  • A poly-bag for storage of the completed pillow

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