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The Original Therapeutic Heart Pillow®

Give your patients quality care they can take to heart

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Heart Pillow Patient Benefits:

  • Uniform, effective sternal support to aid in healing
  • Pain reduction during coughing, deep breathing and moving about
  • Diagrams act as convenient bedside educational tools
  • Pediatric sizes and diagrams available


Available Heart Pillow Sizes:

  • H10 Large
  • H11 Medium
  • H12 Small
  • Keepsake


Heart Diagrams and Custom Imprints:

Every heart surgery pillow comes with your facility’s custom imprint on one side, and your choice of three patented diagrams on the other. The Original Heart Pillow ® is available in several sizes to perfectly fit every patient. We also include a permanent marker for teaching and autographing.  Seat belt straps and handles are available – call for details.

Patented Diagrams

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