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General Surgery Pillows from Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows (Image)

General Surgery Pillows

Give every patient compassionate, caring support

The Therapeutic Oval Pillow

Give Every Patient Compassionate Caring Support

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The Oval Pillow delivers universal therapeutic benefits for general surgery patients. Individual physician practices can also take advantage of the Oval Pillow’s limitless applications. Traditional pillows or rolled blankets can’t compete with our specially designed Oval Pillow!

Oval Pillow Patient benefits:

  • Oval shape for perfectly supporting both vertical and horizontal incisions

Oval Pillow Diagrams and Custom Imprints:  

Each Oval Pillow features your custom imprint on one side. On the other side, you can choose from the following stock diagrams. We also include a permanent marker for educating and autographing.

Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows - Oval Colon
Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows - Oval gyn Oval GI
Shumsky Therapeutic Heart Pillows Oval gyn

Happy Hugger Pillow™

Give every patient a reason to smile

It’s easy to put a smile on a patient’s face with the Happy Hugger Pillow™! This adorable pillow provides ideal support following any type of general surgery and is especially effective for pediatric.

Patient benefits:

  • The perfect round shape for supporting both vertical and horizontal incisions
  • Positive emotional support thanks to the friendly, smiling image
  • Added encouragement for recovery
  • Comfortable pain reduction

Custom Imprints:

With your facility’s custom imprint on each pillow’s reverse side, the Happy Hugger Pillow™ doubles as an effective, long-lasting marketing tool.

Available Sizes:

HH2 Large
HH1 Small

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