Brandi’s Story – Heart Surgery


“[My pillow] was a badge of honor. It symbolized everything I’d been through.”

Sometimes heart failure is not a result of lifestyle choices; in fact, a fluke outside your control can cause it. In Brandi’s case, an infection from a brief stay in a hospital settled in her heart, causing damage to her valves. She had […]

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Bill’s Story – Lung Surgery


“Before you have surgery, try to get one of these pillows.”

Sometimes complications crop up after one surgery that take you down a completely different path. Bill Hamilton was in the hospital recovering from lung cancer surgery when his lung collapsed and he had to have a lobectomy. He said the Shumsky Therapeutic Pillow that his […]

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Ashley’s Story – Open Heart Surgery Recovery


“[My pillow] made me feel like they actually cared about me.”

Imagine needing open heart surgery in your early 30s. Ashley Serna learned several years ago that she had a hole in her heart. It was a birth defect no one had found until then.


Ashley was struggling. She had chest pains and shortness of breath, but […]

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Ron’s Story – Open Heart Surgery Recovery


“It’s nice to have that pillow and know that someone cares about you.”

Ron Sabino grew up in New York City, a melting pot of people from around the world. He made it a point to learn how to say something in different languages. What he didn’t know at the time was how caring people from […]

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Ginger’s Story


“My pillow made all the difference in the world. I still use it today.”

Nothing’s simple when you’re facing open heart surgery for mitral valve disease. Ginger Walden Jinnette was in her 60s when her cardiologist said she needed mitral valve replacement surgery. Here’s her story.


Ginger knew she had pneumonia when she was a child, but […]

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Why do I need a Heart Pillow?



So you or a loved one are about to undergo open heart surgery. Upon doing your research, you notice pictures and recommendations of a Heart Pillow after surgery. But why do you need one?

The most important benefit of The Original Heart Pillow™ […]

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Team Heart Rwanda


Team Heart Rwanda

When a child in the US is diagnosed with strep throat, they’re typically prescribed a round of antibiotics and recover without complication. The same cannot be said for children in developing countries. Often time’s infections go untreated and result in Rheumatic Heart Disease. RHD […]

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Gift Ideas for Open Heart Surgery Patients


Has a family member or friend of yours recently had open heart surgery? If so, you may be wondering what kinds of gifts are appropriate during their recovery. We’ve got you covered! We’ve put together a few thoughtful gift ideas that are great for patients during their stay in the hospital and their […]

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Therapeutic Kidney Pillow Featured on The Ellen Show


Grab a tissue! Last week one of our Therapeutic Pillows employees was feeling under the weather at home. She happened to have The Ellen DeGeneres Show on when her husband saw a familiar looking pillow on one of the guest’s laps. Sure enough, it was one of our kidney pillows! The guest, Amanda […]

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Have You Heard?


It’s official! We recently conducted a survey among 1200 of our wonderful Therapeutic Pillows customers to find out what they find most valuable and beneficial in our pillow lines for their patients and for their organization. Over 75% of customers feel the overall value our pillows deliver is “excellent to very good” while a […]

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