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Brave Kid Capes

When facing a tough situation, capes offer support

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Kids love super heroes, those “caped crusaders” who make the world safer. Kids facing hospitalization, medical procedures, and treatments need all the help they can get to be brave, manage their fears, listen carefully and cooperate with instructions, to “get through” whatever must be endured.

Our Brave Kid Capes are designed to help children feel as safe, secure, and brave as possible while undergoing challenging, often “scary” situations. Play is essential to successful coping, and a Brave Kid Cape can turn a child into a super hero.

Each Brave Kid Cape comes equipped with a patented break away clasp. This is a great preventative feature to ensure that while playing, the cape does not become a safety hazard.

Brave Kid Capes Have Many Applications:

We designed Brave Kid Capes kits with pediatric surgical and oncology patients in mind, but the program has grown to include many other situations where kids might need to be brave. Thanks to Child Life Specialists, psychologists, hospice providers and social workers, Brave Kid Capes provide support in all of these situations:

  • For counselors providing grief support to children who’ve recently experienced loss of a close family member
  • As the theme for day camps or summer camp programs
  • To enhance your pediatric palliative care program
  • Helping kids with Autism in social situations
  • In foster programs inspiring little ones to have courage
  • In the office of the pediatric dentist helping to avoid costly sedation dentistry
  • As the theme for special needs camps
  • In first responder vehicles, a ride with EMS can be pretty intimidating
  • During palliative care as a gift from parents or grandparents to the kids they’ll soon leave behind
  • In hospital gift shops
  • Child Advocacy programs

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